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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect on my first visit?

After your initial appointment is scheduled you will receive new patient paperwork via email. It is required to complete prior to your first visit in order to allow your therapist time to prepare for your evaluation. Arrive on time to your appointment in comfortable clothing - ideally; exercise shorts/leggings and a t-shirt. (Minimize layers as much as possible). Your first visit depends highly on your needs and where you are in your journey, but you can expect a comprehensive assessment of your back, hips, pelvis, pelvic floor (if negated), and movement. We will discuss your goals and an initial treatment plan to get you back to living your best life. 


Do I have to have an internal pelvic floor exam?

You can expect an internal exam, but that may not always be the case. Your therapist will check the pelvic floor internally because that is the only way to get the most accurate knowledge of structure and function. Not all patients need or are ready for this, so we may use external techniques first. Please communicate your comfort level so we can provide the best care. It is extremely important that nothing is forced, or rushed by anyone involved in your care. You will never be asked to do something you are not comfortable with. Not every appointment requires internal work unless that is part of your program. 


Should I come if I’m menstruating?

Yes! We want to avoid gaps in your care. However, if you are uncomfortable, we can make adjustments. If you are having increased pain, or difficulty relaxing, we can work in different ways. Take note that it may be valuable to see what your organ function is doing if your complaints involve painful menstruation. We can help you work with your body.


Do you do “other types of physical therapy”?

Our physical therapists are trained with expertise in anatomy, movement assessments, and exercise prescription based on any impairments or pain you might be facing. We can provide effective treatments for pain in any joint - head to toe!


Do you take my insurance?

The short answer is no. We ask for payment at time of service.
After deliberate consideration, we have chosen not to contract with insurance companies. That means we are “out-of-network”. This allows your therapist to work for YOU, without having to follow only what the insurance company will (or will not) pay for. At each visit, we can provide you with a “superbill” (a receipt of your appointment that healthcare providers use to bill insurance companies), so you can submit this on your own and get reimbursed directly. Most companies allow HSA or FSA cards and use that to pay for visits. We cannot guarantee what your insurance will offer, but some patients do get reimbursement. We recommend you contact your insurance provider and ask about out-of-network physical therapy coverage.
This also allows us to be upfront with our costs. We don’t want you to have any surprise bills and can often offer services for a fraction of the cost of your in-network providers. 

If you are willing to use cash for massage, lashes, a hair appointment, acupuncture, gym membership, which are all valuable, why not for skilled, one-on-one, doctoral level care? What is your quality of life worth? What would you pay to be able to do what you love again, be out of pain, or be “normal”? YOU are worth it! Your HEALTH is worth it! 
We understand that there are many financial situations, and do not want this to deter you from the care you need. All costs will be discussed up front. No surprises. If you have difficulty with the cost for visits, we are happy to discuss options with you.


What is the cost of a visit?

The cost of the initial evaluation is $179. Follow up visits are $149!







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