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Hi Friends, I’m Bree, founder and owner of Luna physio, pelvic health physical therapist extraordinaire of 16 years. I received my doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Utah in 2007. My journey into physical therapy and this niche is a little different than some (although, I’ve treated myself for a lot of these issues as well….trust me). I went into PT in general because I loved science and the medical field, but I did not like blood! My journey into pelvic health began with a job treating spines and being the only female in my clinic they scheduled all the pregnant ladies with me. I quickly gained experience and knowledge working with pregnancy related complaints which led me to get more training in pelvic health.

 Being a lover of learning I was fascinated with the pelvic floor and how integral it is to our core. I then had my own children and started treating myself. This continued to snowball and now this is my jam, my love, my passion. It is my mission to empower women during pregnancy and postpartum (which once postpartum, always postpartum) and challenge what we have accepted as normal (ahem, peeing your pants, painful sex, whatever it may be)! It’s not normal. It’s dysfunctional!  

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I’m a huge believer that BIG things come in SMALL packages. I stand at a whopping 5ft 2 inches, and let me tell you, this frame had quite the introduction to pregnancy. After struggling with infertility for 3 years, my husband and I were ecstatic to find out we were expecting twins! Pregnancy was quite the shock to my system as was delivery. I struggled with bed rest, pregnancy discomfort/pain, urinary incontinence, constipation, prolapse, perineal tearing, clogged milk ducts, umbilical hernia, and diastasis recti throughout my journey in motherhood. I was a mess and this was WITH my knowledge as a PT. I’ve experienced what you have. I get you and I’m here to tell you PT works! I’m a walking testament of this.  

When my twins were 15 months old I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was one of the hardest things I have done. Surgery and chemotherapy were beyond anything I have ever experienced. This gave me first hand experience and passion in treating cancer related issues including breast cancer, abdominal cancers, pelvic cancers (ovarian, uterine, bladder, rectal), and prostate cancer. 

Following breast cancer my husband and I were blessed with two more adorable girls. My family is my everything and my why! We love the outdoors, hiking, snow skiing, etc. The water is my love language. A warm bath solves 99% of my life problems, the sounds of the ocean, lake, or river give me peace and connection, and I LOVE watersports. I can often be found paddle boarding, boating, or kayaking. I also love curling up with a good book or snuggling up to watch a good movie with my kiddos or husband. 

Postpartum care is lacking in the United States. Just because something is common does not mean it is normal. If you weren’t peeing your pants prior to having a baby why would it be normal to do so afterwards? It is dysfunctional! Guess what though? There is help and a way to fix this without undergoing surgery. Why aren’t we talking about this? Why isn’t this standard of care? This is my mission and my passion in life, to empower you to not accept anything less than life unlimited. We also treat issues outside of pregnancy including pelvic pain, painful intercourse, deep hip pain pain, back pain, constipation. We can also help our male friends struggling with the same issues.